The TFO BVK #8 9″ 4pcs


Before we proceed on the Temple Fork Outfitters BVK review, please read my explanation on how I do my reviews on my Tackle Review Page.


Well, well, well. What do we have here?

The famed Temple Fork Outfitters B.V.K. #8 9″ 4pcs. Designed by the legend himself. BVK abbreviates Bernard Victor Kreh which is Lefty’s actual name.

First impressions? Splendid performance for a very reasonable price.


USD 279.95




The BVK’s reel seat isn’t exactly the prettiest, but that is just aesthetics. From a fishing standpoint, this means nothing. The BVK has a very nice metallic green finish on its blanks. The guides are large and allow for knots to pass through. Not the prettiest but that does not take away any of its performance.


TFO’s customer service is top notched. They give life time warranty and reply emails quick, addressing your concerns very professionally.

Reading other reviews and speaking to many different people, the TFO BVK has a reputation to break. Customer service at TFO has explained to me that a common reason for breakages is because of high sticking. This has not happened to me so far and I am curious to put this myth/truth to the test. Read my earlier review on the TFO BVK on Instagram here in which I explained that the best way to avoid any breakage is not to high stick the rod, but instead fight the fish at a lower angle, putting the stress deeper into the rod, closer to the butt.

Below is an image which illustrates pretty clearly what exactly high sticking is and how it affects a rod.

Overall weight

Light! At 3.2 oz, this must be one of the lightest rods out there, even more so for an 8 weight salt water rod.

Performance at 30 feet

The BVK being a fast rod, gives it a little less feel and is not so accurate at this range.

Performance at 60 feet

This is the prime distance so it is extremely important. The BVK performs here, shoots line easily with a little help from a double haul.

Performance at 70-80 feet

This is definitely the range in which the BVK excels. The BVK is a faster action rod overall and it does well at longer-ish distances. It packs loads of power and will generate some crazy line speed which will then shoot line with ease. The BVK responds exceptionally well to a double haul.

Fun to use? (my personal opinion)

If your casting stroke is more suited for a fast action rod, which is less forgiving, the BVK is a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you prefer a slower action rod, the TFO Mangrove is probably better suited, because the rod loads deeper into the rod. A slower action rod flexes deeper into the rod, recovering slower, this allows the caster more time to load the rod and also provides a buffer for a less than ideal casting stroke.

The BVK is a fantastic rod and probably will remain an all-time favourite in my books. I’m just waiting to try it out on the flats of Exmouth, Australia come December.

You can purchase the TFO BVK here or here !


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