About Me

This is me with a cracking rainbow trout caught in the U.K.

Well, I am a struggling (aspiring) lawyer with a serious fishing problem hoping to travel to as many places as I can to catch as many species as I can, meeting as many people as I can.

Currently based out of South East Asia, you’d find me around the world and wherever the adventure takes me.

I am hooked on everything fly fishing and top water GT fishing. I caught my first fish when I was a wee lad of 7 years old. If I remember correctly, it might have been a trevally of some sort off a pier somewhere in Perth using nothing but a weighted hook and some bread. In the years since, I have been fishing leisurely but only recently have I swallowed the pill and fully embraced the addiction with a particular love for fly fishing. My very first Peacock Bass was surprisingly a very decent 2 lb on spinning set up at what remains to be one of my favourite fishing holes. Considering how most spots have been over fished and destroyed by inconsiderate litter bugs, this one churns out quite a result.

A nice peacock bass

Fishing to me has always been about catching the fish. It is the fish I am after. The bigger, better. The uglier, more interesting. Of course, this comes with the joy of being out in nature’s backyard, believing that you thinking like a fish actually helps you catch a fish.  Not forgetting that proper handling leading up to the delicate release of the fishes caught goes a LONG way in the sustainability of the sport. Plus, the company of my mates and the crazy shenanigans we get up to, the conversations and endless discussions about trips, the far-fetched speculations about the size of fishes and plausible fishing spots. Last but definitely not the least, the fun we have doing something we enjoy.

All of these will not be possible without having the luxury of time, finances and the brilliant fact that there are still some beautiful fishing spots.

I am therefore thankful.

A GT !

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and experiences as much as I enjoy sharing about them. I am no expert so please feel free to disagree and leave your comments. There’s still so much to learn and to experience.

Give me a shout if you fancy a day out fishing for Peacocks on fly or for anything really.

Cheers & tight lines!